Circle T Winery & Vineyards



Circle T Winery on an autumn evening.



Our facility is small, the design simple.

An open crush pad and an earth-surrounded aging cave

allow gravity to move our grapes as gently as possible

from where they are received to where they will become wine.

North-facing panels near the roofline let in soft, indirect

natural light that envelops the working floor of the winery.

All of this allows the fruit, once it has become wine,

to find its best and most unique voice.


Pictures below document the construction process.




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Construction begins by excavating the foundation.

The aging cave is formed.

Construction begins on the winery's "skeleton".  The working floor is visible on the right and the cave is now part of the hillside.

The crush pad is uphill to the right; the working floor is exposed through the door.

These clear panels will allow cool natural light to bathe the winery's working areas.